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   Year 2068. At a secret Russian military factory the prototype of a self-trained AI is developed for management of various kinds of technics.

As the test carrier the atomic-engine tank has been created - TA-420 "Scorpion".

  On the first tests, because of a mistake in system of restriction and restraint, AI leaves control, destroys all test-targets and kills group of researchers.

  On its neutralization the special group of 134-th brigade sends, consisting of three tanks Т-640 "Black eagle" type. During searches two machines perish, the survived crew continues a pursuit of "Scorpion". Battles, breaks, defense of bases, tanks, the ships, fighting machines, mine fields, pillboxes - only small part of with what the crew of the last Т-640 has collided.

  But any pursuit sooner or later comes to an end. The den with which "Scorpion" has arranged in the center burnt with fights of a zone in the south of the country, was revealed by planes of investigation.

  During heavy battle the AI-carrier - "Scorpion" tank has received critical damages and has blown up. However the control block has not been found out and has been recognized by the destroyed explosion…

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